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This is my spoiler-free review of the film adaptation of Ready Player One.

Ready Player One Film Review

A few weeks ago I read Ready Player One in time for the film release, and yesterday I got the chance to watch it.


  • Art3mis has a greater role in the film than in the books, which I really enjoyed – her character felt more fleshed out on screen.
  • I feel like the message of the film reflected the message of the book at heart.
  • The main characters avatars looked exactly as I’d imagined and I particularly loved how Art3mis and Parzival looked – especially in the nightclub scene, which was beautiful.


  • Going into the film, I knew there were definite changes to Ready Player One, but I didn’t know the extent of the changes.
  • If you know anything about the book, you’ll know the plot relies on three keys and three gates – but only the keys are mentioned and the gates are completely skipped over.
  • The second half of the film took too long. I would have liked the film to build up and establish the world in the opening sequence because the book does cover a bit of the real world events prior to 2045, but the film doesn’t go into any detail.
  • The chaos of the race was fun at first, but the scene was actually quite long and there was so much happening it was hard to process.


  • In general, I liked Ready Player One. I really enjoyed the first half of the film, despite the changes, but I felt that the second half of the film dragged on for too long when it was obvious (as it was in the books) what was going to happen.
  • I think reviewers have pointed out there are changes, but I wasn’t prepared for how drastic these changes were.
  • While the concept is the same, don’t expect the film to follow any of the plot arcs from the books.

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