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The first year of studying English Literature at University has eaten into my motivation and time for writing blog posts. In this post I’ll be talking a bit about what I’m going to do to get back into blogging and hopefully establishing a routine I can carry into second year.

Getting Back Into It

In order to replenish my blogging motivation, I am going to:

  • Write blog posts in the morning, format them in the evening.
  • Spend less time scrolling endlessly through Facebook and more time planning out blog posts.
  • Return to my scheduling of a review or blog post at least once a week, on a Saturday.
  • Spend more time reading, but not as a chore.
  • Write more about my experience of university.
  • Commenting on at least one post a week (although preferably many more than this)
  • Write about my creative writing and how I’m progressing.
  • Start exploring my book Instagram – something I say at least once a week, but have yet to manage. I’m going to start this by wiping the old posts on that account (they’ll be safe in my archive) and finding the colour scheme and post themes I want to use.
  • Changing the blog theme – I did this awhile ago and I’m still not satisfied with the new design
  • If all else fails: writing a book tag a week to keep my brain engaged in the blogging routine.

How have you been keeping yourself motivated for blogging recently? How have you balanced work or study with reading? Let me know in the comments!


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