Reading Update #1

I’m trying out another type of weekly post called the reading update. It’ll cover what I’m reading, how I’m feeling about my current reads, as well as what I’m planning to read next – a sort of reading journal on a weekly basis.

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July Wrap-Up

This month has been a big month for reading, so here’s a summary of everything that’s happened, including what I’ve read, my reviews, and an update on my reading challenge.

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Mini-Haul #1

I’ve been picking up a few different books over the past week so I decided to combine all of it together to make a mini haul – the first of many, probably. It’s a little later than I would have liked due to travelling, but I’m finally home for the next few weeks solid.

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July TBR

Back at the start of June I wanted to read ten books in a month – a target I now realise was overestimating the amount of time I’d have to read. It turns out travelling is exhausting, and while I’m easing back into reading, I’m nowhere near ready to take on ten books in a month. Therefore, for July I’m going to set the more realistic target of 5 books this month.

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June Wrap-Up

This is the wrap-up post for the month of June. It’s been a hugely busy month for me, from maintaining regular posts, to finishing exams, to travelling up and down the country for University visits.

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