Review Requests

Review Request Policy

Due to an influx of review requests, book reviews are currently closed until a provisional date of mid-December – check back later!

Important: Within an average six week period, I have space for one or two review copies. This includes copies I receive via Netgalley.


I accept the following genres:

  • YA Fantasy
  • YA Contemporary
  • YA Dystopia
  • YA Science Fiction/Science Fantasy

The following will be refused:

  • Non-fiction (unless creative writing)
  • Erotica/Horror/Gore/Thriller
  • Children’s fiction (including picture books)
  • Poetry, plays, mixed media projects etc – anything that isn’t a novel.
  • Books in a series where I have not read the first.

Requesting Process

Physical books are preferred. Electronic formats (PDF/.mobi) are also accepted. This can be sent via email or through Netgalley. Due to an influx of requests I may not have time to respond to each individual email especially when the book does not meet my requirements.

Important: Until I have replied to the request, I have not accepted. Unsolicited sneak peeks, teasers, chapters or entire documents will be automatically deleted. Please use the correct form for sending your request.

Review Structure

Within each review, I aim to cover a variety of specific topics, including:

  • Title
  • Cover
  • Plot
  • Characters
  • Overall opinion

Example book reviews can be found throughout the site. Here are some examples of what to expect:


When accepting a book review request, I am expecting several things from the requester (be it publisher, marketing team or author themselves). These expectations are that:

  • You will not pester me, either through email, DM, Goodreads or any other form of social media.
  • My reviews and thoughts will be respected, regardless of the star rating.
  • Any issues with me, my blog or my reviews will be addressed via email only – this ensures a calm and respectful environment for both myself and the author.
  • Where possible, you will help me out by sharing my review – I understand this may be impractical but I will appreciate the gesture should you chose to.

In return, I – the reviewer – will ensure that:

  • The book is reviewed fairly.
  • The author is able to gain maximum publicity from my review by cross-posting to Goodreads, Twitter and Amazon where necessary.
  • Popular and independent authors are treated in the same way.
  • The review is of a high quality.


I reserve the right to, at any time:

  • Deny a review request.
  • Not review a book, or not finish reading the review copy sent.
  • Remove a review from my social media and/or website.

This may happen for a variety of reasons – for example, the genre isn’t as described, the synopsis was inaccurate, the book hasn’t been proof-read (I do not currently offer beta-reading) or I have another serious issue with the novel. The novel may also just not be suited to me. If this is the case, I will explain this when discussing the novel through my blogging. A DNF isn’t intended as an insult to the author nor should it be interpreted as such.

Please note: matching all of these criteria set out in this policy doesn’t mean your book review request will be accepted. I reserve the right to reject a book for any reason, at any time.