REVIEW: Lord of Shadows

I feel like I’ve been reading Lord of Shadows for months, but I’ve finally finished it and I’m ready to talk about it! Here is my spoiler free review.



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I think I prefer the cover of Lady Midnight, but the Lord of Shadows cover is interesting because it breaks away from other covers. I had to check who ‘Lord of Shadows’ referred to, but it makes sense its the Unseelie King as he is a huge part of the book.


In this book I began to really love the characters of The Dark Artifices. The Shadowhunter Chronicles has built a world with multiple LGBT couples, characters from a range of socioeconomic backgrounds, different nationalities and ethnicities, as well as including a character with autism who is still a fully fleshed out character. I can’t praise Clare enough for her inclusion of a wide spectrum of different people – and it never feels like people are included just to fill a quota. It feels like each character is a natural part of the world.

I’m super happy with and excited about the larger role Alec and Magnus had in Lord of Shadows and I feel like Clare is getting a lot better at drawing upon previous characters and integrating them into the plot without detracting from the characterisation of the protagonist characters and their families.


I had an element of the plot spoiled for me (during a drunken afternoon, thankfully my brain scrambled most of the information) but I didn’t know when it was going to occur so it kept me on edge, especially in the later half of the book. While I felt that Lady Midnight was difficult to get into, I sped through Lord of Shadows much faster now that the characters are established in my mind.

The ending was absolutely soul destroying, not only for the protagonists of this series but also for the protagonists in previous series – that’s as much as I can say without venturing into spoiler territory.


I really enjoyed Lord of Shadows and, unsurprisingly for a Shadowhunter Chronicles book, I’ve decided to give it a 5* rating.

What have you been reading recently? Let me know in the comments!


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