Face 101: Top 5 Cruelty Free Brands

This week on Face 101 I’ll be talking about my top five cruelty free makeup brands.

Top 5 Cruelty Free Brands

I’m not vegan or vegetarian, but testing makeup on animals has never seemed right to me. For some time I thought only expensive, out-of-budget brands were cruelty free – but as I stepped away from the most popular brands and started exploring other brands, I realised there is actually quite a lot of options – and they’re affordable, too. These are my top 5 cruelty free brands which I use daily.

This post is not sponsored and is 100% my own opinion.

1 – Makeup Revolution [x]

Makeup Revolution, exclusive to Superdrug here in the UK, is my all-time favourite brand. I already loved their products before I became interested in remaining cruelty free where possible throughout my makeup. It’s an added bonus as all of their products are of a high quality while remaining much cheaper than typical drugstore brands such as Rimmel and L’Oreal.

2 – Real Techniques [x]

I bought a collection of Real Techniques brushes a few months ago and I haven’t had any regrets. I’m glad Real Techniques are cruelty free and vegan because they’re super popular, good quality and also not too expensive.

3 – Barry M [x]

I don’t use Barry M products quite so much anymore – although they’re my go-to for nail varnish – but Barry M was where I got my first eyeshadow palette. Not only do they do good, reasonably priced products but they also have a lot of vegan ranges, too.

4 – E.L.F [x]

While I haven’t shopped around in much of ELF’s range, their primers are great and their foundations are too (although they’re too dark for me, but I’d recommend them to other people). I’m planning to invest in some of their eyeshadow palettes once I’ve made my way through my current mass of palettes (seriously, I have too many Makeup Revolution palettes right now. I’m on a makeup buying ban, especially for eyeshadow).

5 – NYX [x]

I don’t think Nyx lives up to all the hype, but some of their products are good. Their single eyeshadows in particular are amazing (I have a white shade that is super pigmented and perfect for creating my white-to-pink everyday eyeshadow). Their lipsticks are also very good. A lot of people have good things to say about Nyx – it’s another brand I need to explore a little bit more before I pass a final judgement.

Do you try to buy vegan/cruelty free makeup? Have you any other favourite brands that are cruelty free? Let me know in the comments!


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