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How To: Manage Review Requests

Some time ago, I wrote a post about approaching me for a book review. I thought I would write a quick guide to managing book review requests.

How To: Manage Review Requests

As with all posts in the How To series, these snippets advice are from personal experience. If you’ve got something that works better for you, go for it!

  1. HAVE A DEDICATED EMAIL – for book review requests and business enquiries. This allows you to separate your personal life from your blog life and will also enable you to
  2. HAVE A REVIEW POLICY – this indicates what you will and won’t review. It may also provide links to examples of past reviews and your reviewing process.
  3. UPDATE YOUR REVIEW POLICY – reading tastes change, and that’s okay! You may also get strange requests, such as non-text projects (like films/multi-media material) that you want to the ‘do not accept’ list.
  4. SET UP A WORDPRESS FORM – rather than inviting any and all emails. Often if you open up your email, it will become a free-for-all and you will have authors sending you an eight paragraph request with all their credentials, and very little useful information.
  5. REGISTER FOR BOOK REVIEWING DIRECTORIES – make sure everything is set up first, because this will generate a lot of traffic. Some directories require you to be active for a certain amount of time so make sure you
  6. SORT REVIEW REQUESTS – this doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Set some time aside to go through each review request and bin any that don’t apply to you. It sounds harsh but no matter how specific you make your review policy, some people will request anyway.
  7. ACCEPT REVIEW REQUESTS – make sure to
  8. REJECT REVIEW REQUESTS – in my review policy I set a two week time period to respond to people. I don’t always have time to reply to people who meet my criteria but I’m not interested in.
  9. IF YOU WANT, MAKE A SCHEDULE – this could list all the title’s you’re reading and their dates of publish. You might want to work out a timeslot for the review to go up – generally this should be no earlier than a month before the book is due to be released, although individual authors/publishers may have different requests, so make sure you ask!
  10. SEND A LINK TO YOUR REVEW – I would do this regardless of whether I decide to finish a book or not, including if my feedback was negative. I know some people have negative thoughts about tweeting authors with bad reviews, but if someone has emailed me asking for my opinion then I would see emailing them back as entirely appropriate.

Do you accept review requests, especially from independent authors? Have you had any problems in the past? Have you had bad experiences with authors? Do you have any suggestions for other people looking to manage their review requests Let me know in the comments!


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