REVIEW: The Hanging Tree

I recently finished The Hanging Tree by Ben Aaronovitch. Read on for my full review!

REVIEW: The Hanging Tree

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The Hanging Tree by Ben Aaronovitch

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TITLE/COVER. The Peter Grant series always have great covers and titles, reflecting areas of London. I definitely preferred the setting here to the previous book (which took place outside of London) and I respect the ability to ground the series in similar locations while keeping the plot fresh.

CHARACTERS. As always, I love all the characters Aaronovitch writes.  I like the neutral characters who are neither “good” nor “bad” – they really helped flesh out the characters. I like that the series now has a well-established, character driven plot while also having an individual plot for each book, all of which contributes to building a picture of the main villain of the book.

PLOT/NARRATIVE. It took me two attempts to get into The Hanging Tree – I read a couple of chapters and then left it for a couple of months before I returned to read all of it – but once I was focused on it, I was absolutely absorbed by it.

OVERALL. I loved The Hanging Tree and I’m super excited for the next Ben Aaronovitch novel in the Peter Grant series. I’ve begun to re-read the series from the first book, Rivers of London, and I think it’s a series definitely worth the re-read at this point to refresh my memory. I’m giving The Hanging Tree a full 5* rating!

Have you read any of the Peter Grant novels? Does this review interest you in Ben Aaronovitch? Let me know in the comments!


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