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Behind The Blog: Cassie the Cat

This is the story of something Behind the Blog right now – Cassie the cat!

Behind The Blog: Cassie the Cat

I had a grand plan to schedule many posts over exam season, but it completely fell through. I’m not reading as much as usual because it’s a heatwave in the UK at the moment right now. UK folks don’t do too well when the temperature hits above 30 celcius.

Cassie the Cat is a community cat (a stray or feral) I’ve been looking out for over the past week. She has a fellow community cat keeping her company, but most significantly, she has four kittens.

We’ve been in contact with the RSPCA because the male cat has an injury to the side of his face, and we’ll also be getting in contact with our local RSPCA cattery to find a TNR programme (trap, neuter, return) to prevent the mum and kittens from having any more kittens and keeping the colony in a controlled size.

That brings me onto my next point – photography. When four kittens adopt your garden as their own and you have a dSLR on the table, it’s impossible to resist taking pictures – especially with the trust we’ve been building up, letting me get much closer (although not petting close – the kittens have likely never had interaction with humans before).

I’ve started a photography account of deviantart called nemesis-photography… here’s a sneak peak.

You can read all about Stripes the kitten and sibling Domino over on my photography page.

If you’ve got a deviantart account, let me know in the comments and I’ll make sure to give you a watch and scout around your page to add favourites to my collection!


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