Novellique Weekly Update

Big things have happened this week. It’s time for the Novellique Weekly Update!

Novellique Weekly Update

MONDAY was the first exam day for my A Levels. It was the exam I was most worried and I think it went decently well enough – there is always a period of doubting your answers after any big exam, but I’m pleased with what I did overall. I got accepted for a second Netgalley review copy, Nyxia, which I’m super excited to read!

TUESDAY was a day of exam revision and studying in preparation for the next exam I had – Friday! I published my TBR for the month of June. The exam went decently well but I’m picking apart everything I wrote… it’s difficult not to when there is so much riding on these exams. Now exam season has started I’m really noticing he difference in my life compared to this year. This time last year I had finished all my AS exams and doubted whether I would go to university, terrified I had failed my biology AS exam. I didn’t go great – I walked away with a D – but ultimately that failure led me on a path to greater things. I’m much happier now, even if the same deep rooted fear exists.

On WEDNESDAY, I turned 18! It was a great opportunity to have friends and family round and try out a recipe for alcoholic jelly shots. I had a great time and I’m thankful for all the thoughtful gifts I’ve received. Special thanks to my closest family members for getting me an iPad – I’m overwhelmed by how useful it has already become and will continue to be. It makes blogging much easier and I’ll be buying myself a keyboard case, the ultimate study on the go set up. I keep using it and it doesn’t feel real! Travelling light just got easier.

THURSDAY. This was an exciting day because it was the first time I could vote in the form of the UK general election. It was super empowering to finally get a say in the politics of the country. I’m also scheduled for another vaccination, which is unexpected but I’m always more willing  to get vaccinated than risk whatever I’m being vaccinated against. Thankfully I’m able to tolerate needles but I’m still a little anxious from the general idea of being used as a pincushion, haha… It has been a while since my last set of vaccines.

FRIDAY. Exam day, part two. The general election result – a hung parliment. This huge because there was a long running attempted smear campaign against the labour leader with a lot of people claiming he was unelectable, yet this elections has proven them all wrong. With a 72% youth voting turnout, politicians can no longer ignore the political opinions of the under 25s – they  should now recognise that they have to listen to us if they want to be supported. This election the youth vote is what gave labour so many seats back. My next exam isn’t until Thursday which is good because it means I have quite a few days to really get planning. The remaining three exams are all a week apart, every Thursday, for the remainder of June. Ordering pizza in is one of my favourite weekend activities, so that’s exactly what I did.

SATURDAY. I had the day off from work! I got back into the fray with English Lit revision. Essay plans, essay plans and critic quotes! I think there is a colony of feral/stray cats that visit my garden frequently (possibly three adult cats and four kittens, as far as I can tell). The kittens look only about five or six weeks old (sensible cat owners wouldn’t let a mother and kittens out this young) and there is an older cat who looks particularly scruffy and I suspect is a stray. We put some fish out for the mother of the kittens (who also looks particularly young) and I fed some left-over fish skins to the older male cat. One of my favourite things is getting an animal to trust me, and food is the way to their hearts.

Then, finally, SUNDAY – more revision, particularly towards King Lear for the drama exam I have on Thursday. As I’m 18 now, I have to have a jab tomorrow (which I’m super not looking forward to) but other than that my schedule is clear until Thursday’s exam. I’m hoping to get my current read finished soon so I can get a review scheduled – The Hanging Tree by Ben Aaronovitch. At the moment I’m looking at making more ‘behind the blog’ posts and possibly a birthday haul.

Did you do anything particularly cool or exciting this week? Do you have anything exciting planned over the next few weeks? Let me know in the comments!


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