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Weekly Novellique Update – #2

What’s been happening over the past week at Novellique? Here’s a roundup for the good, the bad and the fun!

Weekly Novellique Update

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Has it been a week since I last wrote one of these? No. Freaking. Way!

The past seven days have happened in a blur. During Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I was kitten sitting for a three month old kitten called Rambo.

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Thursday I was sleeping to make up for all the early mornings that come with looking after a kitten who wants to play, and Friday I cooked my first full roast dinner.

Saturday I was working, and finally Sunday I’m at a theme park in England where I’ll be staying until Monday evening.

I’m considering blogging about beauty or lifestyle type topics… I’m fairly new to makeup but I would consider it a hobby now, the same as reading. I don’t want to change my post types, style or overall theme – I’m still a book blogger, through and through – but I would like to try branching out and see if it is well recieved or not. Keep an eye out for something along those lines, maybe!

What have you all been up to over the past week? Let me know in the comments! 

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