Novellique Weekly Update, Weekly Posts

Weekly Novellique Update

What’s been happening over the past week at Novellique? Here’s a roundup for the good, the bad and the fun!

Weekly Novellique Update

This week has been interesting because most schools and colleges broke up for Easter break a week ago – whereas my college only broke up on the Wednesday. It isn’t all bad, though, because I had Saturday off and this made the first couple of days of break feel a little longer.

This week, like every other week, has been dedicated to studying – English, Geography and Photography. I remain worried of failing to get the grades for one, another or all three subjects but with two months left until exams I’m trying my best not to think too much about it.

I’m continuing to try and keep on top of the blog posts, with one scheduled book review a week (hopefully) on a Saturday. This week might be the except as I’m currently reading Winter and I don’t know how far through it I’ll get – but, on the other hand, I am off for the week so I do have more time to read.

I’m hopefully also going to be continuing with Down the TBR Hole posts, as they’re pretty fun and interesting, as well as What Are You Reading Wednesday. I’d like to get back into discussion posts but I only want to create them for topics I either feel passionately about or have something new to bring to the discussion.

I might also be producing film and TV reviews, in particular for Logan and 13 Reasons Why – but in both cases I need more time to gather my thoughts. They were both highly emotional and I’m not quite ready to dive into deep analysis just yet.

The Novellique Weekly Update is something that might be a weekly Sunday post, or might be just a style for blog post updates whenever I need them. I’m not sure yet – I just want to keep mixing things up!

What has been going on for you guys? Are you on Easter break? Are you looking forward to anything exciting? Let me know in the comments!

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