REVIEW: The Transition

I was given an eARC in exchange for an honest review. This is my book review for The Transition.

Book Review

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The Transition by Luke Kennard

What do you do with a generation who’ve had everything, but still can’t grow up? Perhaps this is you. Perhaps you still owe your student loan, and make jokes about how you’ll never pay it back, so it’s easy to ignore. We know. Perhaps you spend more than you earn. Perhaps you still live with your parents. We know. Perhaps those ignored bills and reminders have become threats and court summonses. We know, and we can help. Welcome to The Transition.

TITLE. Plain and simple is how the best of titles work. The Transition is named after the scheme taking centre stage in this realistic dystopia-inspired novel.

COVER. The cover is what first attracted me to requesting The Transition on Netgalley. I like how minimalistic yet unusual it is and I like that the cover maintains an air of mystery. It’s a unique cover for a unique book.

CHARACTERS. This was the strangest and most frustrating mix of characters – but in some ways this made it feel more real. Karl was irresponsible and rebellious, realising he is trapped in a mind game but never quite figuring out how to work the system. Genevieve is… well, we never quite find out exactly who she is. Is Karl the unreliable narrator, or is Genevieve everything he sees her as? In Karl’s words, he idolises people when he is separate from them. The relationship between our protagonist and wife is strange for reasons I can’t go into while remaining spoiler free.

PLOT. I feel like nothing actually happens in The Transition – and that’s something I hate reading in reviews, but in this case its true to some extent. Things happen, but not at the same pacing as you’d expect from other dystopia novels. In a way it reminds me of Fahrenheit 451 (which I didn’t particularly love) but The Transition, I’m convinced, would have worked better as a two part series. Too much happens too suddenly towards the end, with no real payoff – while I don’t always expect a happy ending, if a book is going to build up to a climax, there needs to be some sort of resolution.

OVERALL. I decided to rate The Transition 4* because I found it very readable, especially towards the end. I felt the pacing was the only big thing that let The Transition down and I certainly liked how unique the narrative and characters were.

Have you guys read The Transition? Do you plan to? Read any good eARCs/ARCs recently? Let me know in the comments!

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