The Writing Quest

The Writing Quest #7

Time for another update on The Writing Quest, in which I chronicle my experience of writing the first draft of my novel.

The Writing Quest #7

You know that moment when you’ve been struggling with a scene for weeks, resisting the urge to rewrite it because you’re not supposed to edit on the first draft? Well, folks, sometimes you need to rewrite that scene. Change the setting. Edit one of the characters.

I’ve hit 12.5k and I’m feeling pretty optimistic. I still have all the worries I had when I started writing, but I think a lot of the stuff I have so far is okay. Not perfect, but I don’t hate it. That’s a writers optimism shining through!

Also, life update! Exciting things have also been happening with my university application – basically I have three conditional offers (2x AAA and 1x BBB) as well as an unconditional offer (if I chose them as my first choice). The temptation to accept this unconditional offer and spend my time writing rather than studying is great, but that isn’t a decision I can make until I’ve been to see the university itself.

I’m not sure if I mentioned that I’m using Scrivener to put this whole thing together – I started in a word document to get myself into the practise of writing, but once I passed about three or four chapters, it became much easier to write and edit in Scrivener. Lately I’ve started using Evernote for snippets that don’t fit into the current chronology, then transferring these scenes into the manuscript without putting them in a chapter folder (more so I remember where they are than anything, to be honest).

I think sometime soon I’ll be printing out all the chapter I’ve finished so far and putting them together into some sort of folder. It’ll be satisfying to see everything I’ve done so far (even if there is a lot more to go!)

Have you guys made any progress on your current projects? Have you tried creative writing before? Any other upcoming artistic or creative projects you’re working on? Tell me in the comments!

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