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REVIEW: Lady Midnight

I’m pleased to announce I’ve finished the first book on my Beat The Backlist challenge – and while it took me some time to reach this point, I’ve got some pretty positive thoughts to share. As always, book reviews are strictly non-spoilery unless otherwise stated.

Review: Lady Midnight

This is my review for Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare. It is the tenth book in the overarching Shadowhunter Chronicles, and the first book in the third series. Chronologically, the Shadowhunter Chronicles started with (1) The Infernal Devices, then (2) The Mortal Instruments, and now (3) The Dark Artifices. This means that while you don’t have to have read the previous books in these chronicles, you’re advised to (because characters later on do appear from previous series).

If you’ve never come across a shadowhunter novel before, essentially the concept is that all the stories – fairytales and myths – are true.

  • The Mortal Instruments (original series), features protagonist Clary Fray who has no idea she is a shadowhunter.
  • The Infernal Devices (prequel series), features protagonist Tessa Grey – who isn’t quite sure what she is in Victorian Britain.
  • The Dark Artifices features protagonist Emma Carstairs. That surname will mean something if you’ve read The Infernal Devices.

Have I explained that clearly? I hope so! Now, on with the review.

TITLE. I was a little confused by the title initially, before I picked up the book, but it quickly becomes clear who Lady Midnight is. Furthermore, it sets up the title trend each series has: The Infernal Devices has Clockwork followed by Angel, Prince and Princess while The Mortal Instruments has six books named City Of… for example, City of Bones. The next book is called Lord of Shadows which I’m super excited about!

COVER. I like the cover and especially the way the new style fits in with the rest of the Shadowhunter chronicles – I especially like Lady Midnight, though, and the sense of mystery that the name brings.

CHARACTERS. I loved Emma Carstairs and her friendship with Cristina. These books have always been great at developing relationships (both romantic and platonic) between characters, and it’s something that urban fantasy isn’t always brilliant at. Lady Midnight does a good job at combining different people from different backgrounds and, as usual, is successful.

PLOT. I really liked the plot once I was past the first bit. It’s the sort of book where, if you aren’t enjoying it at first, perhaps you need to put the book down for a little bit (like I did) and then pick it up at a later date.

OVERALL. I’ve decided to rate Lady Midnight a 4.5* – I think I struggled to read it at the beginning because I was expecting the old set of characters I knew and loved. Clare did well to exclude mention of old characters until later on in the book, when I was more emotionally invested in the new set of characters – at the same time there is the possibility and expectation of future crossover.

Have you guys read Lady Midnight? Are you considering it? Let me know what you thought in the comments below!

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