The Writing Quest

The Writing Quest #6

It’s been awhile since I put together a writing update and I have quite a lot for this update! Click here to catch up on previous Writing Quest episodes.

The Writing Quest

Compared to last time I checked in with my writing progress, a lot has happened – I’m excited beyond words as I type this out.

I currently have 8,600 words written with the first seven chapters (and a prologue) planned out, about four or five of which are complete. I’m rewriting the prologue as I go, because I now know how I want the events to unfold to fit the rest of the story I’m gradually putting together.

So far I’ve been trying my hardest to write chronologically, although I currently have one scene that I’m writing at the moment (a rewrite of a previous idea) which will be happening within a couple of chapters but I haven’t quite figured out the order of the tenth chapter where I’m expecting it to appear.

Dealing with multiple viewpoints can be a little challenging but I’ve started taking what I’m nicknaming the Game of Thrones approach: each character is interacting within the same world, although they don’t necessarily realise it straight away, characters are constantly referenced in subtle ways. I hope to continue this throughout, where possible! I’ve also decided some chapters may change viewpoints within the same chapter should the plot require it.

I feel I’ve settled into the third person narrative viewpoint where I can make observations as the narrator and control where the reader. It makes describing characters easier, although I’m doing it in an intimate style where the third person is zoomed in on the one or two characters in the scene.

I still struggle with writing action pieces, although for one particular now-discarded scene I was watching youtube sparring videos to help. I’ll be using these again later at some point for a fight I have in mind, although I’m not sure specifically where it will fit in.

This quest continues without any major planning – it’s all in my head, which may be a good idea or a terrible one. At this point I don’t want to let myself get distracted by trying to over-plan or feeling like I have to stick to what I initially thought this novel would be. There are plot holes, too, but at seven chapters in I don’t think thats unreasonable or a bad thing.

So, yes, I think I can now officially say I’m writing a novel – for real, this time. I’m actually doing it. It’s terrifying, yet also satisfying, because I’ve hit writers block several times and managed to power through.

Have you guys been working on any creative projects lately? Doing any creative writing at the moment? Let me know in the comments!

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