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Novellique is a little over 200 followers now because I’ve had this buried in my drafts, but in the first few days of January I hit 200 followers! This is a little post about what it means to me.

200 Followers – A Big Thank You!!

Since before Christmas I’ve been waiting with baited breath to hit 200 followers and for the last two days the number kept jumping up and down. I can now, however, safely say Novellique has hit and surpassed the 200 followers mark!

200 followers means a lot to me – I feel like thats an understatement. There are still a lot of things I wish I had time to do, but I feel like with the help of scheduling, I can still run a blog – and enjoy it – around intense study work and other commitments. I wanted to make this post as a thank you, and an opportunity to once again get your feedback.

A couple of months ago I set up a post asking what people liked and what they didn’t to help me tailor my content to continuing what people liked and reinventing what they didn’t. It helped me then, and I’d like to take this chance to ask a few more questions! All of these questions are completely anonymous: it’s purely to get feedback, as honestly as possible.

Q1: How do you feel about the frequency of review posts at Novellique?

Q2: What are you favourite weekly features?

Q3: Would you prefer set days for Novellique to post on (such as Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday) or do you prefer the current mix of days?

Q4: Where do you go to find book reviews the most?

Q5: Would you be interested in reading ‘first opinion’ mini reviews (a review of the first five chapters) for some books? 

Thank you to everyone contributing their thoughts both this time and last time. You’re awesome, all of you!

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