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2017 Resolutions

If I had a book for every time I’d heard (and also told myself) ‘new year, new me’ I’d be running my own private library.

2017 Resolutions

I’m sometimes reluctant to make or talk about 2017 resolutions because I feel like trying to force myself to do anything significant will ultimately fail. However, this year I’m going to try and suggest a couple of things I want to do more. It won’t be every day, I might forget or fail sometimes, but I just want to encourage myself to do these things more.

  1. Drink more water. I don’t do this enough and I really want to try to work at this.
  2. Better self care. This relates to the previous one, but also to do with managing better skincare and generally trying to look after my health.
  3. Write every day. No matter how little I feel like it, no matter how few words I manage, I want to open my Scrivener document of my novel draft and type at least one word into it every night.
  4. Read more. Too often I feel like I don’t read often enough considering I literally study english literature and also run a book blog. I’m becoming a night owl but in terms of procrastinating rather than reading up late into the night. I also want to encourage myself to read on the bus and in between lessons when I can, which will help get through my eARCs much quicker.

How are you guys handling new years resolutions? Do you usually make resolutions? What have to decided to try this year, if anything? Let me know in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “2017 Resolutions”

  1. My 2017 goals are pretty similar. I want to do better self-care, I really need to manage my A1C better. I don’t want to necessarily read more than last year, but I’d like to enjoy more of what I am reading. So I’m going to read more of what I want to read and try not to get caught up in all the hyped books this year.

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        1. I’m having to teach myself the difference between hype over a cover, hype over a character or pairing, and hype over the actual quality of a book. For example – I’m reading the Vampire Academy series at the moment which has around a 4.5 rating on Goodreads – don’t get wrong, the series is enjoyable but I don’t think it particularly deserves that high a rating.


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