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Doctor Strange Review [Spoiler Free]

Over the next few months there are going to be lots of films I’m interested in going to watch, so in what I assume will be the first of several film reviews, here’s my thoughts on Doctor Strange.

Doctor Strange Review – Spoiler Free

Overall Rating: 4.7

I saw Doctor Strange in 2D although I may, if I get the chance, go back to see how it differs in 3D. I’m interested as to how the visual effects translate into 3D.

THOUGHTS? Doctor Strange is a good film! The kind of film that I came out of grinning – because it was everything I wanted. I was expecting a standard, decent Marvel film but it actually entered my top three favourite Marvel films out of the current Cinematic Universe. At the moment, my favourite Marvel films are:

  1. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 (the ultimate MCU film, in my opinion)
  2. Doctor Strange – tied with – Captain America: Winter Soldier

This was surprising even to me as Winter Soldier was a film I enjoyed. So was Civil War, and even Age of Ultron (despite the issues I had with the portrayal of Black Widow).

ALSO – Benedict Cumberbatch is highlighted as an even better actor than I thought. Think you knew him from Sherlock? Don’t expect the same performance. He has an American accent for starters – I couldn’t tell who was talking in the first ten minutes because it sounded so completely different from what I was used to.

CONTROVERSY? I have to address the elephant in the room here for a second: the whitewashing controversy. When I first heard about Doctor Strange I had mixed feelings because, after researching the different perspectives, I saw both sides: that the Ancient One represented an outdated and potentially offensive stereotype – one that the director wanted to steer away from. At the same time, I saw fans arguing that it was removing the representation of Asian actresses. I don’t know much about the comics – I’m a fan of Marvel films but I don’t read the comics.

I don’t feel like I can argue either way here: it’s up to Asian people individually to decide whether they are offended, not for everyone else to be offended on their behalf.

I think it’s best to go into the film knowing next to nothing (except from the backstory from other MCU films, although this is absolutely a standalone origin story and you don’t need to have watched any other Marvel films to understand what is happening).

POST CREDITS? Yes! As with most MCU films, there are  two post credit scenes. I won’t spoil what they are about, but the first one comes at the end of the main credits (the animated/illustrated short credits) and one at the very end (after all of the plain text credits have scrolled). The first is a hint for a future MCU film, and the second is interesting but I’m not too sure when we will see it addressed.

OVERALL? 4.7! I definitely reccomend to superhero fans – I took Mum to see the film and, despite repeatedly emphasising she isn’t a fan of superhero films, she loved it and is in the process of catching up with prior films!

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