Topical Tuesday

Topical Tuesday: Did Not Finish

DNF – or Did Not Finish – means exactly what it suggests: you didn’t finish something. Here’s my thoughts on guilt-fuelled DNF.

Putting a book on my DNF goodreads shelf always comes with a bit of guilt – but today I wanted to focus on specifically choosing to DNF a read to review book, or an ARC.

For me, personally, it’s always a difficult decision. I don’t want to let the author down, but at the same time, I want to enjoy what I’m reading – I don’t want to feel weighed down with feeling obligated to read something I’m not into.

It’s especially difficult if I feel the book is good, just not the right fit for me. When I hate a book, or have a big problem with it, I feel I can justify the decision to DNF it – but when I think a book is decent yet don’t want to continue, I feel unjustified.

There are a lot of reasons I can chose to DNF a book.

  • Offensive/insensitive approach to topics.
  • Poorly written (grammatical/spelling/typing errors).
  • Wrong genre/not as described.

I try to give indie authors an equal chance when reviewing books, but that only complicates the problems further – I feel worse when DNF-ing a book from an Indie author compared to a more mainstream novel.

It’s a problem I guess will get easier as I continue to blog and gain more experience – but for the moment, it’s definitely something I struggle with, and as a result I haven’t been accepting book reviews at the moment. Anyway, it was good to get that off my chest. I’m enjoying Topical Tuesday so I think it’ll be sticking around for a couple of weeks as a trial run!

What do you guys think about DNF-ing in general compared to a read to review book, or an ARC? Do you feel the same pressure to continue reading books provided by an author? Let me know in the comments!

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7 thoughts on “Topical Tuesday: Did Not Finish”

  1. I will DNF a book when it takes my enjoyment of reading away. I feel some guilt about it, but in the end, sometimes it’s not necessarily the author or book, but that it’s just bad timing for me to read that particular book.

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  2. I have yet to DNF an ARC…there’s a middle grade book that I started but can’t seem to finish and I might end up DNFing it! It’s just not that interesting.
    I’ve also read one book that had so many errors I had to rate it down, and the author got upset bc she said it was a proof. Well, if the errors are making the book hard to read, then I can’t very well rate the book high now, can I?
    So I get it: life is short, and most authors and publishers understand if you have to every once in awhile bc it’s not your cup ‘o tea.

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    1. I’ve made a part of my review policy mention the errors part – I still can’t help but feel guilty. There have only been, I think, two so far – one of them was because it had heavy incest that I wasn’t warned about prior to reading. The other was a book through Netgalley I requested on a whim and turned out to be vastly different from the synopsis.


  3. I’ve yet to DNF a book. I’ve come close, but just can’t bring myself to do it because I’m seriously stubborn and way too curious haha. I totally agree with the premise though. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it because life is too short to keep reading books that we’re not enjoying.

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    1. It wasn’t until book blogging that I started to DNF a few books – and I think it’s because the new blogger I was in June saw free books and said yes to pretty much everything. Now I’m learning to be a lot more selective, but I still feel bad about turning authors down (since I try to make myself accessible to indie authors too).


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