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Stranger Things Review [Spoiler Free]

I was late to the Stranger Things camp but I’ve finally finished and I want to talk about it. Here’s my season-wide review.

Netflix Review

Overall thoughts? Stranger Things was amazing. At times it felt less like a series and more like an experience, and it was really the music choices that contributed towards this. The soundtrack tied together concepts that, even on their own, were good: but the music was the thing that brought it all together beyond just being ‘good’.

I’d like to praise whoever wrote the characters – both male and female. It felt like all characters regardless of gender or race were given a fulfilling, satisfying arc.

The cinematography made everything look beautiful. Even in popular TV series, lighting can be poor and scenes difficult to understand what is going on when in darkness. Stranger Things never went through this: the lighting was atmospheric, maintaining an atmosphere.

Finally, as someone who regularly plays Dungeons & Dragons, I also appreciated the foreshadowing of the entire series by the initial game. There were all sorts of jokes that become funnier when you play D&D itself.

I’m beyond excited for season two.

Did you guys watch Stranger Things? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

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13 thoughts on “Stranger Things Review [Spoiler Free]”

  1. I’ve seen the series 3 maybe 4 times and I haven’t tired of it. This series was fantastic! I’m really excited for next season that has a teaser trailer out already. I haven’t seen it yet but its great! I recommend a show called Glitch if you have it on your country’s Netflix.

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