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Topical Talk: Love Triangles

This week, and for the next month, I’m trialling a new type of weekly post where I pick a topic (whether it be cliché or not). It could replace Tag Tuesday or become a weekly Topical Thursday feature, we’ll see how it goes!

Cliché Talk: Love Triangles

The entire idea of a love triangle is something that both fascinates and frustrates me. On one hand, I see their appeal as a technique for creating drama within a storyline. However, most of the time they aren’t done right. I don’t mean in the sense that they aren’t used effectively or aren’t written well – although many are.

I mean many love triangles aren’t actual love triangles. Introducing a second love interest to a storyline doesn’t make it a love triangle – and too many people forget this.

A true love triangle occurs when you can link each of the three characters. While it most commonly occurs with the female protagonist being at the top of the triangle and two male romantic interests on either side. It sucks that this is repeated so often, but there are some examples I have where this has worked effectively.

However, in order for this to be a true, everyone in the triangle needs to have a connection. By this, I don’t mean “they know of each other” – I mean, they need to all care about each other.

There are two examples I can immediately think of that are prime examples of a true love triangle:

  1. [STEFAN, DAMON, ELENA] The Vampire Diaries.
  2. [WILL, JEM, TESSA] The Infernal Instruments.

In both of these examples, the male characters are essentially brothers. For me, this is what makes a love triangle effective, when used well and with restraint.

Personally I find it frustrating when a so-called badass heroine spends most of her time torn between two male romantic interests. I find it far more satisfying when something unique and interesting is done when there is a romance aspect introduced.

Like many, I’m not against romance when it comes to the young adult, although that’s something for a completely different post.

What do you guys think? Enjoy this experimental feature? Do you agree with my view of love triangles? Have a different view? Let me know in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “Topical Talk: Love Triangles”

  1. Love triangles really don’t bother me that much, although it’s a total cliche. But I thought the Will, Tessa, Jem triangle was done so well, I think because Will and Jem weren’t fighting over Tess for three novels, and because they loved and cared about each other so much – I’m so emo over these books!

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