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October Favourites

October is the month of trying out new things – both in terms of post structure and the content itself. Here are my October Favourites!

While I love doing Wrap-Up posts at the end of the month, I thought it might be fun to finish October with a general favourites post.

October Favourites

Book Favourites This Month…

  • And I Darken, Kiersten White

Yes, it is taking me forever to get through this book but I’m finding And I Darken better and better as I keep reading. I haven’t finished, but it’s quickly become a new favourite, hence being mentioned here.

  • The Next Together, Lauren James

This was a free eBook a few weeks ago through iBooks and I’ve been seeing people talking about the sequel, The Last Together. It has a plot combining time travel, romance and science fiction that is keeping me interested.

Clothing Favourites This Month…

  • ASOS Sweatshirt Dress

I’ve never shopped at ASOS before, but  I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t the exact dress I was expecting – everything looks different on a model, regardless of shop, as the models wear small sizes and are far taller than me. It’s still comfortable and while I was initially unsure, I now definitely like it.

  • H&M Ribbed Cold Shoulder Top, Grey

Cold shoulder tops are my new badass clothing piece of choice.

I might make a blog post around this – I was looking for a tote bag and a beautiful design with the quote NEVER FLINCH, NEVER FEAR AND NEVER, EVER FORGET.

Film/TV Show Favourites This Month…

  • Stranger Things, Netflix

I can’t believe I didn’t start watching Stranger Things when everyone told me to! I’m enjoying everything about it. The music, theme, clothing, characters – everything. I’m currently on episode five.

  • Teen Wolf, Netflix

Another series I’ve been enjoying a lot over October. I think both these series are especially good in the month before Halloween.

Music Favourites This Month…

  • The Altar, Banks

Banks’ latest album, The Altar, is one of my new favourite albums. I’d definitely recommend checking out Banks if you’ve never listened to her before.

Other Favourites This Month…

  • Notebooks, Tiger

I’ve been finding some super interesting notebooks for £1-2 in a high street shop in the UK called Tiger. Their entire range of notebooks is usually pretty good – and cheap enough for me to not feel too guilty for buying them every time I shop there – but recently they have been particularly good.

  • Manic Panic Hair Dye, Vampire Red

Manic Panic is a natural, vegan, animal-friendly hair dye company. Not only that but they produce vibrant, long lasting colours – albeit prone to bleeding everywhere for first time users, but this is my second experience with the Vampire Red shade and I feel like I know what to expect now. Black towels and hot water to wash away any pink marks is the way to go. Plus, the overall effect is beautiful – I feel as though my hair is completely different when the red is newly dyed.

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