The Writing Quest

The Writing Quest #4

Part four of the writing quest – I have a confession to make.

The Writing Quest is part of a series in which I talk about my writing process and documenting the experience in an attempt to encourage me to keep at it. This is the fourth entry and you can read the other parts hereone, twothree and four (this post!).

I’ve done the thing I promised I wouldn’t do. I started writing something else.

Discovering a new tv series – in this case, teen wolf – is always a dangerous thing for a writer. I get inspired, and then I get worried I’m only being inspired because I’m copying the tv show.

This is another of those situations – but I realised that, out of all the werewolf media out there, I’ve never seen a novel where the main character, a female, doesn’t fall in love with an older, more experienced, usually “alpha” male. I also realised that few are based in a school avoid cliche, overly dramatic situations. The drama is always shallow, as are the characters and I suddenly wanted to combat this.

Teen Wolf is certainly an inspiration, and I’m watching it while writing, but being careful not to cross the line between

So far I’ve written 450 words of the first chapter. I have two other chapters I’ve written, to a total of 1,500 but I’m not sure if I can weave them into what I now have.

In terms of music, I’ve got three current songs for my inspiration:

Teen Wolf Extended Soundtrack

Teen Wolf Remix – Fan Made

Dirty Minds – Boy Epic

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