How To: Find Time To Read

Want to improve how much reading you’re doing? Struggling to read ‘enough’ within the book community? This post was inspired by Katie @ ChapterStackss  – I wanted to write a post that combined scheduling, time management and discussing the pressures of reading. Here’s the next in a series I’ve been calling How To!

How To: Find Time To Read

I’ve tried to condense this into five key points that I think will help the budding book reader/reviewer to read more – or at the very least, not feel so bad about not reading.

  1. RECOGNISE YOUR PRIORITIES. It’s important to remember that real life comes before reading and that’s okay. More than okay, in fact: you need to get to work, school or college. You need to complete work, do chores, housework. Trying to read when you’re aware of other things needing to be done will only put you under unnecessary pressure. It’s okay to not read for awhile, it’s okay to feel like you’re not reading enough – I cannot repeat that enough!
  2. IT’S ALSO OKAY TO TAKE BREAKS! After finishing City of Heavenly Fire, I couldn’t read anything for about two months. Considering I read for at least twenty minutes just before bed (when at optimum reading frequency) this was a difficult time. Books meaning something to you may lead to a reading slump, and that’s okay, too. Watch a Netflix series or some book-related videos, come back to reading when you’re ready.
  3. DECIDE WHEN YOU’RE MOST LIKELY TO READ. Do you like reading just before bed, or when you get up in the morning? Is there time at lunch you could read? During your break at work? Do you get to school early, could you use that time for reading at the start of the school day?
  4. OPTIMISE PUBLIC TRANSPORT! If you drive to work, I wouldn’t reccomend putting this one into practise – but if you travel into work, school or college by bus or train, it’s worth taking a book with you. For me, I use this time for reading review copies that I’ve downloaded onto my kindle app – however, you could also do this with physical copies of books if that’s your thing, too.
  5. READ! Whatever genre, whatever format, whether it’s a small book or a large one. If you’re struggling to actually pick up a book, consider putting your current read to one side and looking through other books you have available.

Do you think I’ve missed any hints and tips? Have anything to add? Let me know in the comments!

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