The Writing Quest

The Writing Quest #3

The Writing Quest is part of a series in which I talk about my writing process and documenting the experience in an attempt to encourage me to keep at it. This is the fourth entry and you can read the other parts hereone, twothree (this post!) and four.

The Writing Quest #3

Chapter Two, the section I’m currently working on, is a different sort of atmosphere at the moment. My writing still feels clunky and while some sections flow, other parts become completely stationary again.

A resource I’ve been aware of for some time but haven’t used in much detail before is Writing With Colour. As a white girl writing at least one woman of colour (still shaping a lot of the characters), this is extremely valuable for ensuring I’m not accidentally being offensive and also for inspiring ways to progress the narrative.

It’s the start of TV season, with Lucifer, The Flash and Arrow have all been returning – the latter of which I’m still not sure if I’ll be continuing to watch.

I’ve broken 3,000 words! I promised myself I wouldn’t change the layout of my chapters but in this case I have, and for good reason. At the start of each chapter I’m trying to make notes in order to have a clear direction for things that need to happen. The layout is currently:

PROLOGUE | Introducing a character prior to the events of the new Chapter Two.

CHAPTER ONE | Some kind of party atmosphere which is going to be inspired and playing around with the Romeo & Juliet film adaptation from 1996. It’s still my favourite adaptation of the play.

CHAPTER TWO | What was previously Chapter One, as the events of this chapter now have a trigger (Chapter One).

CHAPTER THREE | The old Chapter Two which I will now probably end up rewriting (ugh, still on the first draft but I will need to change it in order to write the following chapter, I suspect).

I’m also creating mini mood boards/a selection of images at the start of each chapter to help me keep focused around a visual trigger. For example, here’s the images I have for the prologue:

Screen Shot 2016-10-08 at 23.43.45.png

I constantly feel bad for not writing more, but college work is getting in the way and when I’m not doing college work I end up feeling too tired to write.

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