How To: Approach Me For Review

I’ve been getting a load of book review requests recently, until I temporarily closed requests (I always feel bad turning down authors, even when I’m not interested in their work). I thought I’d put together a guide for what to do, and more specifically what not to do, when approaching me for a book review.

It’s important to state this isn’t in response to any specific author – just a general guide for how to go about contacting me, and this may apply to other book reviewers too.

  • Most importantly, DO respect I review books as a hobby, not a job – I’ll try my best to be efficient and keep everyone happy, but unfortunately I’m not Superwoman. College and other commitments need to take priority!
  • DO keep your review request as short and precise as possible.
  • DO provide me with the information marked required.
  • DON’T state your awards, reputation or reviews – I’m not interested in what other people have to say about your book. I will do my own research into your novel prior to accepting, but most of all I will judge the book based on its synopsis.
  • DON’T send me chapter, snippets, documents or even the whole book until I accept your request. If I have too many things to read, or I’m not interested, an unsolicited sneak preview won’t convince me otherwise.
  • DO feel confident I will review your novel confidently with a firm but fair approach.
  • DO send me your social media information IF I AGREE to review your novel.

Fellow reviewers – do you agree with what I’ve mentioned? Would you add anything? Disagree with anything? Let me know in the comments!

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7 thoughts on “How To: Approach Me For Review

  1. Megan @ bookslayerReads says:

    I agree 100%!! I couldn’t have put it better myself. I hate the ten page review request emails, with what every newspaper said about your book, about what every author said about it, how many writing awards you’ve won, and a huge “excerpt” of the book. Geez. More than likely, I’m gonna not even read the email and delete it. It’s terribly annoying and aggravating.

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  2. LizScanlon says:

    Great post, nice guidelines!
    The only other thing I have mentioned in my review policy is for authors to personalise the review requests. Normally, when I see a request come through that starts with “Hi All” or “Hi” I tend to ignore because it makes me think it’s a general mailshot to all the contacts author has researched and it feels very impersonal- as bloggers, and most of us do this for a hobby, we will be putting in tons of our valuable time reading and reviewing a book so I feel the least that an author can do is spend a bit of time personalising (which can easily be done via mailshot software as well!). Saying that, I don’t expect authors to approach me with a full blown analysis of how much they found out about me, addressing me by my name often does it when they start their request and they always get bonus points from me if they mention a recent book review I have published.

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    • novellique says:

      That’s true! I’ve never really had anyone address me by “Hi All” (most of the requests run through my contact page, especially since I registered with an Indie review website) but that would definitely discourage me from accepting a request.

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