The Writing Quest

The Writing Quest #2

The Writing Quest is part of a series in which I talk about my writing process and documenting the experience in an attempt to encourage me to keep at it. This is the fourth entry and you can read the other parts hereone, two (this post), three and four.

I keep meaning to write another one of these posts, but my main writing time is over the weekend (trying to write at other times seems to just set me on the path to procrastination, but I have a good two hours at least right now and my Spotify is set up in writing mode).

Since I last updated I’ve created a physical record of my writing by using a spare yellow ring binder and hole punching my chapters as I finish them. My goal is then to start going over what I’ve written (perhaps if I need ideas to get me started). I’ve also found a way of turning the chair in my room into a nest with pillows and blankets, and I have an electric heater – it’s super comfortable and I now have no excuse to not write.

Printing off my first finished chapter was actually a huge step for me – seeing my own writing typed up and looking something like the start of a manuscript was… beyond strange.

Handy hint – use the line spacing function with your writing! Large sections of  text can be difficult to read, so set a larger amount of space between each line. I’ve found it really helps me keep up with the writing and not get distracted by how much I’ve written.

I’m currently at 2,500 words and I’ve finished Chapter One, just started Chapter Two and I’ve done some work on Chapter Three although I’m considering making a slight tweak to the direction of the plot. I refuse to make another plot outline which will end up getting ignored – it might mean quite a few rewrites but at this stage I just want to get as many chapters done as possible before the self-doubt sinks it’s claws in. As I type this I’m waving a large bat at it to keep it in the corner.

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