The Writing Quest

The Writing Quest

Have I ever talked about this before? Perhaps not! I’m on a quest to finish a novel. My first novel. I’ve been writing since circa age seven and every year I’m increasingly more frustrated at my inability to write a novels worth of words.

This last month seems to be all about trying out new types of posts (and not doing many reviews, but I am reading, I promise you! Expect Half-Blood to be the next review, along with Poker Kingdom and, at some point, 1984). I’ve gone for a plain header image, let me know what you think!

The Writing Quest is part of a series in which I talk about my writing process and documenting the experience in an attempt to encourage me to keep at it. This is the fourth entry and you can read the other parts hereone, twothree (this post!) and four.

The Writing Quest

I’ve attempted the novel write before. I kept excusing myself: I have college, GCSEs, homework, work, study – it went on. ‘The Summer’ V1 and V2 came and went (post-GCSE and then again post-AS) and yet I still had nothing written. As of writing it’s the 23rd September 2016 and I currently have 1,466 words written. I’ve written about 400 words today and I intend to continue far later into the night than I probably should, considering I have work tomorrow and it’s an 8am start.

This novel means a lot more to me, it seems. Whatever I’m writing means things to me, but the origin of this one and it’s current main character, Kara Williams – the first time I’ve publicly spoken her name aloud (ahem, typed for public publish), this is a strange experience – is particularly significant.

I won’t talk about the specifics of why I started writing this piece in particular since I don’t think enough time has passed, but it’s also taking huge inspiration from the works of BANKS. If you’ve never heard her work, I would highly reccomend checking out some of the music in the MUSIC MENTIONS section below. I’ve also included some other music video links to other stuff I’m using at the moment.

I’m someone who relies heavily on aesthetic images to set off inspiration (although music and lyrics in particular certainly does inspire me too). As a result, watching the music videos themselves can help get me into the right mindset for a scene. For example, a particular aspect being introduced to the novel early on will be dancing as a means of control (keeping it as vague as possible). Music videos are extremely helpful for this.

Would you guys like to know more about my writing? Do you enjoy following a writer’s progress through writing? Have any experience writing yourself? Let me know in the comments!

Music Mentions

Gemini Feed – Banks | and to think I would have followed you to the altar / follow you around like a dog that needs water.

Drowning – Banks | all of your words, they’ve been cursed with dishonesty / take it from the girl you claimed to love, you’re gonna get some bad coming / I’m the one who had to learn to build a heart made of armour.

This Is What You Came For – Calvin Harris |  Lightning strikes every time she moves / and everybody’s watching her / but she’s looking at you.

Gasoline – Halsey | With your face all made up / living on a screen / low on self esteem so you run on gasoline / I think there’s a fault in my code.

Daydream In Blue – Monster | (from Mr Robot) Daydream / I fell asleep amongst the flowers / what a beautiful day.

Mr Robot Main Theme | (surprise, instrumental!)

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