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I’ve decided for 100 followers I’ll be listing 10 (unusual) facts about me. These are slightly more lengthy than the typical ten facts posts because I wanted it to be more personal. Hey, WordPress, there’s 100 of you now! Have some facts of your own to share? List them in the comments!

  1. When I was reading children’s fiction from the library, my mum would bring home books she thought I would like. This was great, and entertaining when she accidentally bought home the second (or third… or fourth) in a series – especially since I usually didn’t discover this until finishing the book.
  2. Aged 9 I had a reading age of 15. I think this was the biggest gap between reading age and actual age I ever had, although I was disappointed it was only a six year difference and not a seven year difference.
  3. While in Florida two years ago (the first time I’d been on a plane outside the UK with a six hour journey each way) I was the ‘chosen one’ in the Harry Potter wand experience. Basically in the Harry Potter section of Universal in Orlando, there is an experience which recreates the wand scene from the first Harry Potter film. I ended up with my own, unique interactive wand – one of my most treasured possessions.
  4. I’m an only child, but my cousin is basically my sister in terms of how close she is to me. We were born two weeks apart, with hers the end of May and mine the beginning of June.
  5. I’ve had important exams on my birthday three times in a row, and I expect this year will be the fourth time. Problems of being a June baby!
  6. This is one of many, many blogs I’ve owned in the past (although I’m sticking with this as I’m still having fun three months in). I’ve previously run photography blogs (both my own and other peoples), study blogs, and general life blogs across a variety of different platforms (but namely WordPress and Tumblr).
  7. The most WordPress followers I’ve ever had is this – 100! The most Tumblr followers I’ve ever had is just over 1,000 (I should point out that although WordPress follows are much harder to obtain, they’re more rewarding, ultimately why I chose WordPress over any other blogging platform for this specific blog.)
  8. I’m tempted to start a Youtube channel for books, but I have mixed emotions because although I have a decent camera, and could probably make up the space by being creative, I hate listening back to my voice and I’m not the most confident of people – maybe one day.
  9. The ends of my hair are now a dark pink – check this instagram picture out for reference. This has been a thing since last Thursday, and was dyed using Manic Panic ‘Vampire Red’. I’m also now becoming obsessed with chokers.
  10. Most book nerds like libraries, but I’ve literally only known life around libraries in one form or another. Both of my parents have worked in libraries. In primary school I helped out in the library, then became Head Junior Librarian. In secondary school I helped out from Year 7 – along with a group which grew year upon year of fellow book nerds – but didn’t get an official badge until Year 11. Then, since last October, I’ve had a Saturday job as a Library Assistant. Yay for libraries!

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