September Back To School Haul

September means returning to School and College, so this is the September Stationery Back To School Haul.

Stationery has been a long time obsession of mine, and with school returning it’s the perfect time to replenish the much needed stocks of pens and planners. I also picked up some stuff from the Natural History Museum’s Colour exhibition, which is part of my current photography unit for A2 Photography.

The full list of this September Back To School Haul is:

  • Exhibition Postcards
  • Exhibition Tote
  • Staedtler Pens
  • BIC (Black) Pens
  • BIC (Blue) Pens
  • Mood Maker Nail Varnish
  • 2016-2017 Planner
  • Blank Hardback Sketchbook

I absolutely love this 2016-2017 academic planner which features a section for timetables as well as exams and deadlines at the front. It’s going to be super useful as I’m turning it into a bullet journal inspired planner.

This blank sketchbook will hold some of my A2 Photography work. I’m also considering getting a black pages sketchbook for the rest of my work.

These are my supplies of pens – for the next few weeks at least. The only slight downside to being an English Literature student (and one who loves writing in general) is constantly having to buy pens. A love for stationery makes it easier, though. I like writing primarily in black, but with other coloured pens to held particular quotes or phrases stand out.

I’d been considering a tote bag because I think they’re generally under appreciated as ways of carrying books and general things in a comfortable way. I love the design of it, too – various different natural materials and animals in the shape of an iris.

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