Haul #2 – Catch-Up

This haul is a kind of library haul, stationery/supplies haul and bookmail all in one. A catch-up haul seems a perfect title because that’s exactly what it is.

First off, we have the cute new turtle mug I picked up on holiday, as well as a THIS WEEK planner page and some ladybird push pins for my noticeboard.

Then, my library mini haul: THE MARTIAN by Andy Weir and A CLOCKWORK ORANGE by Anthony Burgess. I’m half way through THE MARTIAN at the moment and I’m really enjoying it – A CLOCKWORK ORANGE is going to be a struggle but I’m prepared to give it another try past the first chapter.

I now have two copies of NEVERNIGHT – one my limited & signed edition, the other my Illumicrate copy (with a signed piece of paper too). I’ll be giving one away to my Dad because as much as I would love to hoard all the books in the world, I barely have enough space for one copy of each book, let alone two or three.

These are the two side-by-side copies of NEVERNIGHT. They’re both beautiful, but the limited edition has red page edges and it just makes it even more beautiful, somehow. There is also an edition with black page edges, but it being signed makes it more special, in my opinion.

I recently bought RED QUEEN in Waterstones – it’s the exclusive edition with the patterned  page edges. THE GRACES was the other book in my Illumicrate box, alongside a handwritten letter from the author.

I also finally got around to buying HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD. The map and wand pictured aren’t new, but I wanted to show them off regardless since I’m fairly sure I haven’t mentioned them in a post before – they’re from the Wizarding World in Florida when I visited two years ago, and are probably one of my most prized possessions. The wand is not only an interactive wand, but also unique (or certainly very rare) since I got it from the Magic Wand Olivanders’ Experience rather than the shop floor.

Lastly, another book I bought at Waterstones: THE HANDMAID’S TALE by Margaret Atwood is an adult dystopia which is absolutely amazing. If you loved the poetic style of SHATTER ME, but with a much more complex plot and characters, plus in a stream of consciousness style then that pretty accurately describes Atwood‘s work. To a certain extent it also reminds me of NEVERNIGHT for some descriptive scenes.

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