Illumicrate Unboxing!

I’ve been hyped about receiving my first illumicrate box ever since I heard about this book box. Opening it was like opening a small treasure trove, and I’m pleasantly surprised by how personal it feels. As well as the items pictured, there are also discount codes for bookmarks and a novella, as well as items from the stores which feature their products.

I audibly gasped when I found NEVERNIGHT at the bottom of the box – I definitely suspected it was going to be one of two books – I’ve already ordered the limited edition UK copy, but I’ve been glad to have the chance to look over the standard hardback. It comes with a bookmark and a mini poster of the cover. This copy, since it’s technically my third copy between my ARC eBook and limited edition copy, will be making its way to my dad as an early christmas present. The book hoarder in me wants to keep all three owned copies regardless, but this way I can ensure it goes to a loving home. In the packing list it provides the details of a video from Jay Kristoff which I have yet to watch, but I’m sure it will be very sweet and probably feature the line STAB. STAB. STAB.


Next is a book I’ve never heard of but is ahead of its international release date, so yay for exclusives! There’s also a handwritten letter from the author which is super, super sweet. I’ve skimmed the letter and it mentions THE GRACES as including witches, so naturally that word alone has made me a thousand times more excited than I already was.


Next are some colourful and striking posters featuring Pierce Brown’s RED RISING series. This was a book I started by then ended up DNF-ing as I mistook it for RED QUEEN and was slightly confused. However, these posters are making me keen to have another go now that I’ve cleared up my initial confusion.


Finally – who doesn’t love Harry Potter merch? When I first got them, the coasters looked a little bent, but I’ve been keeping mugs on them and they’ve flattened back out just fine. I absolutely adore the paintings of the original trio and the new (original) trio. The witch temporary tattoos are to do with THE GRACES – again, I see the word witches, I’m hyped beyond belief.

Did you guys receive an illumicrate, or another subscription book box? What was your favourite item? Let me know in the comments!

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