Pokemon Book Tag

This incredibly accurate book tag was first created READINGATMIDNIGHTTag Tuesday continues with this blend of books with Pokemon.

  • STARTERS: the book that started your love for reading.

There are two series which kicked off my love for reading. Of course the first must be the HARRY POTTER series, the first long series I vividly remember having read to me and, later when I was older, reading the ending of myself. Although I was always a book fan, the next series which I consider a reading milestone is the HUNGER GAMES series.

  • PIKACHU: an iconic classic that you’ll always love.

While I haven’t read many classics of my own accord, I think I can count two books here. WUTHERING HEIGHTS is a book I’ve studied and have mixed emotions about – I definitely like it, although not in the same way most others like it. I like it’s disturbing nature and commentary on society at the time – I’m also fascinated with the way in which pop culture views it as a genuine romance. A classic (-ish) that I genuinely do love is THE GREAT GATSBY having seen both the film and the book.

  • ZUBAT: a book you lost interest in because it’s literally everywhere.

GO SET A WATCHMAN is a book that I have problems with due to questionable way in which it was published – bullying an author into publishing a work they didn’t intend to be published isn’t something I can support – but I also lost interest when I started seeing it everywhere. It was as though people were willing to ignore how it was published and were determined to make it the next bestseller. The whole situation frustrates me.

  • DITTO: a book that reminds you of other books (tropes ) but you still love anyway.

THE TESTING series by Joelle Charbonneau definitely has similarities with both DIVERGENT and THE HUNGER GAMES series, but I love it regardless. It definitely reminds me of exam seasons and how it feels to be competing with others for a place at a school or specific achievement.

  • SNORLAX: a book/series you haven’t started yet because of sheer size.

To be honest, the size of a book doesn’t usually deter me from reading. Although A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE took forever to read, I wasn’t particularly put off by it’s size as I’d been reading progressively larger books until that point. I don’t understand people who complain about books being ‘too long’ – often novels are long because they are far more complex and contain greater levels of detail.

  • GENGAR: a book that kept you up at night.

I’m assuming this part means ‘kept you up’ in the sense of being unputdownable rather than being creepy/scary. ILLUMINAE and PANIC have both kept me up to early hours in the morning. PANIC was such a rapid read that I didn’t want to put it down as the plot became even more intense. ILLUMINAE is the sort of book I don’t want to forget details of because the narrative is complex with lots of technical information and new concepts being introduced. In terms ‘kept you up’ for scary reasons, NEED and ILLUMINAE are both surprisingly sinister and at points I was a little wary of reading them too late at night.

  • NIDOKING/QUEEN: your bookish otp.

Its been awhile since I’ve read about a pairing that I really like, but the ultimate OTP is probably Jace/Clary from THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS series.

  • RAPIDASH: a fire hot, fast-paced read.

I’ve read so many fast paced reads recently. SOLITAIRE, THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN, NEVERNIGHT, ILLUMINAE and FANGIRL are the most obvious I can think of right now.

  • EEVEE: a series you’ll never get tired of seeing spin-offs for.

I don’t really read many spin-off series, but HARRY POTTER is the sort of thing I will read all materials and related content. I will go to see all the future films and anything that even hints at being anywhere related to HARRY POTTER. HARRY POTTER books are my childhood in physical form and it could have spin-offs and additional content forever and I would still find a way to read it.

  • LEGENDARY: an overhyped series you’re still excited to read.

Since last summer I’ve been hugely cut off from my usual YA-specific group who used to help me keep up to date with what was popular. Since then, I seem to be forever missing out on great books and series which have a huge amount of hype but I simply haven’t had the time to read yet. One particular book is ILLUMINAE – I’m about 40% of the way through and still determined (and excited) to finish it. In addition, GONE GIRL is an adult fiction novel with quite a lot of hype which I very much want to read after enjoying the sample.

  • MEW & MEWTO: a collectors edition you wish you owned.

Since buying myself one of the limited edition UK red-ended NEVERNIGHT copies, I was going to say there weren’t any other collectors editions I wanted. However, THE FAULT IN OUR STARS has a rare, signed, silver version which I fell in love with since seeing it on the US Amazon. One day, beautiful book – one day.

  • POKE-EGG: a debut novel you’re very excited for.

I can’t think of any debut novels I’m excited for –  I don’t tend to get hyped over debut novels because I’m never sure what the books will be like. I’ll usually become hyped for a second or greater book once I know I like the author. If an author is debuting, it’s rare  I will have heard of them prior to reading a first book.

  • LURE MODULE: an auto-buy author.

Jay Kristoff, Alice Oseman, Cassandra Clare, JK Rowling, John Green, Patrick Ness. These are all authors I’m most likely to buy a book of without looking at reviews or researching the book – I won’t automatically buy most books on the spot, but I’ll definitely be willing to ignore reviews which may put me off other books.

  • SERVER’S DOWN: a book release you’ve been waiting on forever.

Let’s talk about LADY MIDNIGHT for a minute. It was due to be released in 2015, but was pushed back to 2016, in which time I didn’t read anything by Cassandra Clare. I’m currently stuck at 20% through LADY MIDNIGHT because I just… I don’t care. I don’t relate to the characters, quite frankly I’m confused and a little hurt that I’m not enjoying it as much as I would have this time last year. It wasn’t there when I was desperate for it, and now I’m not sure I can force myself back into it.

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