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Summer Reading Pack

I’ve seen quite a few people making posts about books to read during the summer, and for good reason: summer is, for most people, the best time to read. For  this reason I’ve collated a summer reading pack of my recommendations for books which give me summer vibes.

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SOLITAIRE by Alice Oseman

I don’t want to be forever recommending the same things over and over again, but I wanted to select books which I felt had a summer vibe and SOLITAIRE was the first that sprung to mind.

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For those fantasy fans, THE FARSEER TRILOGY is a great way to get into long-running fantasy series. In this initial trilogy of several Robin Hobb series, a young child is trained to be an assassin while dodging court politics and learning how to stay alive. I love the richness of HOBB’S descriptions and this book completely engrossed me in the story. Beware of the feelings you may catch from these books, though: I don’t rate character suffering on a ‘Fitz’ scale for nothing.

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RIVERS OF LONDON by Ben Aaronovitch

Fun fact: I’ve met Aaronovitch at a signing for FOXGLOVE SUMMER, currently the most recent book in the RIVER OF LONDON series. If you’re someone who knows and loves London like I do, you’ll definitely enjoy the references to people, places and culture within this urban fantasy.

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If you’ve run out of contemporaries, or want to poke fun at typical YA fantasy, this is the satirical masterpiece you’re looking for. THE REST OF US JUST LIVE HERE pokes fun at the ‘chosen one’ cliche while also involving an inclusive cast.

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EVERY DAY by David Levinthian

I can honestly say I’ve never read a book like this. I’m not sure what I initially expected – I suspected a slightly fantastical aspect, but what I got was pure contemporary. This is a great book for anyone wanting to understand gender issues and self-expression.

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There are very few books I feel the need to re-read, but this is one of them: THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER is about stepping away from the background and into the foreground. It also introduced me to the phrase wallflower, which I think is a beautiful and accurate representation of introverts who often feel as though they’re watching the action rather than being a part of it.

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