cover reveal: Seraphina’s Awakening

I’m part of a group announcing the cover for SERAPHINA’S AWAKENING, which will be published in September 2016 – thanks to Xpresso Book Tours for the opportunity.


SERAPHINA’S AWAKENING by Sheena Hutchinson
PUBLICATION DATE: September 2016
GENRES: New Adult, Paranormal, Romance

I’m pleased to be able to announce the cover for SERAPHINA’S AWAKENING through Xpresso Book Tours, which was designed by COVERMEDARLING.


Here’s a bunch of links for you to check out if you’re interested in learning more before it’s release in September.


Also, here’s the synopsis (also seen in the image above, but for ease of reading).

For as long as she can remember, Seraphina Cross has experienced these visions that made her feel like there was more to life. It wasn’t until one moment, one accident that her life changed forever.

She awakens the next day a new person in more ways than one. With no recollection of past night’s events, she’s forced to adapt to certain sensations she is experiencing all while trying to piece together what exactly happened to her that fateful night.

Her strange, hectic life doesn’t seem to make sense until she meets a handsome stranger. Only then does the puzzle finally piece itself together. What she doesn’t expect is the new powers she has developed attracting all kinds of unwanted attention.

Thrown into a world she never truly believed existed she is forced to come to grips with who she is becoming while staying out of trouble long enough to figure out what needs to be done to fulfill her destiny.

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