4*, Book Review

review: Descent

I received my copy of Descent from netgalley in exchange for a honest review – this has in no way influenced my views.


DESCENT is the first book of THE DREAM PROTOCOL series by Adara FlynnDESCENT was addicting and definitely improves as it progresses – in the beginning I almost gave up with it as I was slightly disorientated by the vast amount of information, but I’m glad I gave it a chance – I gave this a 4*.


At first I thought THE DREAM PROTOCOL was the sole title, until I realised it was the first in a series. DESCENT definitely works well as a title for the first book, and THE DREAM PROTOCOL fits perfectly as the series name. I love the way the title and overall theme tie in around dreams – it’s a unique spin on dystopia that I’ve never read before.


Although I read the eBook version of this, the Goodreads cover is fairly interesting and unique. It isn’t like stereotypical YA novel covers. At first I didn’t particularly like it but I’ve grown to admire it. If I was responsible for picking an alternative cover I’d possibly go for something with a matrix theme, or as minimalistic as possible.


Plotlines of dystopian YA often follow a trend, purely because of the way they’re designed to rebel against authority. While I felt some plot points were predictable, I can tell there is definitely more to come – when I say predictable, it’s important to note I don’t necessarily view this as a bad thing. Complexity within novels can make them interesting, but too much complexity can endanger the story itself.


At first I was unsure of who the main characters was – you’re truly thrown into the midst of the action at the very start – but I soon grew to love Flynn and Deirdre. It set the scene for a subtle romance without turning into an insta-love situation, which I respected. Both are everything you’d expect from dystopian heroes.


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